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State of the U at Media Day: The Reggie, Kenny, Durand, Coach L issue.

Just two days before their biggest test of the season, the 'Canes seem to be in good spirits. Coming off a win against a good Detroit Titans squad the 'Canes look to knock off the Michigan State Spartans at home Wednesday night.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

We caught up with Reggie Johnson, Kenny Kadji, Durand Scott, and Coach Larranaga (in that order) and taped the festivities for your enjoyment. Look for the game preview from Jerry shortly.

Reggie Johnson talks rebounding, defense and the game against the ranked Spartans. Kenny Kadji talks sports marketing, game attendance and even how he surprised himself. Durand Scott is thrilled to be back and 'Canes fans are thrilled to have him back. Coach Larranaga discusses the zone, the return of Durand Scott, and Tom Izzo and his Spartan squad.