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Disastrous Diagnosis: Reggie Johnson has a broken thumb.

In what has to be the worst news of the season, Reggie Johnson was diagnosed with a broken left thumb. He's expected to miss 6 weeks.


The Miami Hurricanes men's basketball team is going to have their resiliency tested, AGAIN.

6'10 redshirt senior Reggie Johnson, averaging 12.6 ppg, 10.1 rpg, and 1.9 bpg, will likely miss 6 weeks according to our sources as well as CBS Sports. Much will depend on the extent of the fracture.

Miami had to endure the absence of Johnson at the start of last season with a knee injury, as well as missing one game with suspension, and was 6-4 with out him. This year, in 4 games minus Big Reg, the team is 2-2 including a disappointing showing in last week's Diamond Head Classic in Hawaii.

More information, and an updated timetable on his return to come, as we learn it.

Our take: Johnson will be back later this year. In the meantime the team will need to tread water with out him. Miami got crushed by Arizona on the boards with Reggie missing. Kenny Kadji, Julian Gamble, Tonye Jekiri, and the guards as well, will need to put more emphasis on crashing the defensive glass. It will be near impossible to replace Johnson's impact on the offensive glass. This means the 'Canes will need to be more efficient offensively. Raphael Akpejori will also need to step up with increased minutes. UM is still good enough to beat most ACC teams. But they will certainly miss Reggie's presence against the elite squads, so here's hoping he gets back in time for the team to make an NCAA run.