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Derrick Griffin Will Attend Miami But Has To Do Prep School First

There's been a lot of rumors surrounding the eligibility of dual-sport athlete Derrick Griffin and he spoke with SOTU to clear things up.

Derrick Griffin
Derrick Griffin
Wescott Eberts (SB Nation)

In February, Derrick Griffin committed to the University of Miami as a dual-sport recruit. Since that day, worries about his eligibility have been a hot topic amongst Canes fans, but Griffin spoke to SOTU on Monday to clear up the rumors.

Griffin told SOTU on Monday that he will have to attend Prep School for 3 months and then he will be eligible to enroll into UM, but he wants everybody to know that he's "still coming."

"I'm still going to Miami" said Griffin on Monday afternoon. "I got to go to a prep school for 3 months, then I can go to Miami and play basketball. That's all to it."

*UPDATE* Griffin clarified later that reason behind his needing to attend Prep School is his ACT score.

For those wondering about his other sport, Football, Griffin shared thoughts on that as well. "I'm playing both. I just have to miss football this year. I'll be on the field for next season."

What does this mean?

It means that the 6'7 WR/Forward will attend the University of Miami, but will miss the upcoming football season, which isn't too much of a blow for the football program this season since many expected him to be redshirted anyway. Griffin, however, will enroll at Miami in time to join the Canes Hoops team and start his basketball career this winter.

We hope Derrick finishes up the requirements in Prep School and then be ready to enroll into Miami in time to help Coach L and the basketball program.