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'Canes Have the Right Prescription for Eckerd! Win 74-58

"Take three and call me in the morning". It wouldn't have mattered how many headache pills over-matched Eckerd metaphorically popped - they didn't have enough in the medicine chest to stop the 'Canes after a spirited first half.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

Tonight's result wasn't much of a surprise. Eckerd had a one-point lead at the half, but the 'Canes got it together in the 2nd frame and pulled away.

Here are a few things that struck me:

1. It looked as though there were about 100 people in the arena just before tip-off - including the players, coaches, and cheerleaders. Fortunately, the crowd trickled in (possibly due to some terrible traffic) a bit more after tip-off. Still, 'Canes fans - there are no more dress rehearsals. Get out and support the team!

2. The starting lineup. Tonye Jekiri was held out of the game due to a minor injury and Ivan Cruz Uceda (played in the exhibition) won't play for 16 games - but it was interesting to see Manu Lecomte and Angel Rodriguez both in the starting lineup. Will the 'Canes pair of true point guards start going forward or will Coach mix and match according to the competition?

3. Omar Sherman seems likely to start at the 4 as a true freshman. It's difficult to project watching Sherman battle guys much smaller than him, but he seems to be a bit further ahead on the offensive side of the ball at this time. Sherman showed range from downtown and a nice medium range jumper. It is worth noting that Sherman looks like a confident youngster unafraid to shoot the rock.

4. It is easy to see that this 'Canes team has much more firepower than last year's squad - which should be enough to keep them in contention for a ticket to the Big Dance. The ACC is arguably tougher than it's ever been but look for the 'Canes to hit full stride when Cruz Uceda and hopefully - Davon Reed - can lace them up later in the season.

5. Sheldon McClellan likes dunking . . . a lot.

The 'Canes take on Howard University on Nov 14th, 7:00PM @ the BUC!