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Canes Hoops: Ciao Italia! Men’s and Women’s Teams Booked Overseas

NCAA rules allow teams to travel overseas once every four years.

Austin Pert, 2015

The Italian peninsula will have special guests this summer.

UM’s men’s and women’s basketball teams will travel to the country in August before the fall semester commences. The Women’s team will be overseas from August 7-16, while the Men’s team will join from August 9-18.

Jim Larrañaga’s team will play their games in Rome, Florence, and the alpine city of Como. Katie Meier will lead her squad through Rome, Florence, and Venice.

Each team will practice ten times and play four times. The opponents are still yet to be announced.

Fans who would like to support either team in Europe while wining and dining their way through the former Roman Empire are encouraged to contact the Hurricane Club’s Chris Cohen (Men’s tour) and/or Alphonso Restrepo (Women’s Tour). They can be reached at and More info on the Men’s tour can be found by going to the site

These views can be yours too, along with UM’s teams.
Austin Pert

The last time the Men’s team took a trip overseas was in 2015, when they went to Spain. The Women’s team was most recently on the European continent in 2014, when they traveled to France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.