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The Confusion Surrounding Kelvin Cain.

Conflicting stories are the departure of junior DE Kelvin Cain leave 'Canes fans confused.

Mike Ehrmann

Yesterday it was reported that Jr. DE Kelvin Cain quit the team, today his family says it isn't so. The initial report from UM associate athletic director Chris Freet was that Cain did not show up on Friday, despite being on the team's dress roster for Saturday's game against FSU. The team puts out two rosters each week. A dress roster, and a 60 man roster of those staying in the hotel the night before the game.

Cain's mom, Ursala Dean, today said that Cain did not think he needed to show up.

"Kelvin told me today that he wasn't supposed to show up." Dean said. "But I don't know the rules and if that is true or not."

So while we wait for the smoke to clear, it is apparent Kelvin Cain won't be running through the smoke on game day.

Cain compiled 43 tackles, a sack, 2 forced fumbles. and an INT in 26 games as a 'Cane. If his career as a Miami Hurricane is indeed over, we hope the young man fulfills his promise some place else.

More details to come on this story, as we learn them.

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