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SB Nation BlogPoll Week 8: State of the U ballot

Bill Snyder, king.

Jamie Squire

Below is our BlogPoll ballot for Week 9. Yes, Miami has lost to two teams in the top three and three in the top eight. Just one of those years, eh? Please ridicule in the comments. Brief explanations are under the ballot.

Kansas State stays at No. 1 after trouncing Texas Tech. The four undefeated teams behind them all jumped a spot after Florida's loss to Georgia.

I still have Florida as the top one-loss team -- yes, ahead of Georgia. Georgia beat Florida, but was killed by South Carolina, who was killed by Florida. Head-to-head wins are usually the trump card, but Florida has a far more impressive overall resumé and lost a game to Georgia (in which they turned the ball over approximately 35 times) that was essentially a draw. If they played again in two weeks, I'd take Florida.

Oklahoma is the top two-loss team, ahead of a bunch of one-loss teams considering their two losses are also to two teams in my top three. I suspect they'll jump over LSU after not too long.

The rest of the ballot is essentially soup.