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SB Nation BlogPoll Week 11: State of the U ballot

All hail the Oregon Ducks.

Thearon W. Henderson

Alabama's loss helped to solidify the top of the ballot, but let's take a look at the Top 25. As always, feel free to flay me in the comments. Brief explanations are below.

  • So, AP voters have this mostly right. My top three is the same as that poll, though I slipped Ohio State into the No. 4 spot. After Alabama, I rank the remaining SEC teams based on a mixture of past performance, head-to-head performance, strength of schedule and who I think would win tomorrow on a neutral field. You could more or less order LSU, Florida, Texas A&M and Georgia in any order and I wouldn't really argue.
  • Just a note that Oklahoma is severely underrated in this poll. They've lost to two undefeated teams, and if they had scheduled Texas State instead of Notre Dame, they would be a lock for a BCS bowl and maybe even a dark horse national title candidate.