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Miami self-imposes bowl ban, ACC Championship Game appearance is out

In a truly unprecedented move, Miami will forgo a bowl game for the 2nd consecutive year

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Well, we thought it was going to drop yesterday amid all the NFL games, and when it didn't, Hurricanes fans started holding out hope for an appearance in Charlotte. This morning? Hopes dashed like a defensive offsides sideline go route for a touchdown.

As stated above, this is without a doubt an unparalleled move done by the University of Miami administration. Whether you are in favor of the move, that is another question altogether. Personally, I am in favor of this decision. The last thing we want is to be Ohio State in 2014 because we went to play in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl. Miami will finish the season in Durham this week looking to finish out a winning season.

Throw your thoughts - anger, relief, denial, whatever - in the comments below.