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¿Quien Eres Tu? ¡Duke!

Look at that, he hit the fucking bull! Guy gets a free steak!


Eschewing the traditional preview, we here at the State of The U are bringing you all the (mostly meaningless) things one needs to know prior to this week's match-up. The only rule? No game predictions. Today gives us the Duke Blue Devils, coming down from the high that was a potential ACC Championship Game appearance.


Duke Blue Devils

6-5 (3-4 Big East)

Last meeting: Miami won 49-14 in 2011

After Duke beat North Carolina (they must have no-showed) the Blue Devils sat rather pretty in the Coastal division race. FSU, Clemson, and Georgia Tech in consecutive weeks later, and all they have to look forward to is a bowl game for the first time in over a decade. Miami is looking to finish with a winning season, so as to not be the first team since 1977 to go back to back years without one.


Durham, North Carolina

In the Research Triangle, you have Raleigh, the big city with a nice downtown where all the jobs are; Chapel Hill, a beautiful campus set in the Carolina woods; and Durham. Which in the blaspheme remake of the Spaghetti Western classic, would be the Bad and the Ugly.


12:30 EST

TV: ACC Regional, or in other words, your computer.

Radio: 560 WQAM (Local), Caracol 1260 AM (Spanish), 90.5 FM W VEEEEEEE UM (Student)


Royal Blue and White. However, Duke bastardized their great base colors by adding black to everything. They need to take a page out of the NY Knicks book and delete it from their repertoire.


Wallace Wade Stadium

Durham, North Carolina

Die hards such as myself might know this extremely random fact, but Wallace Wade was the only stadium to host the Rose Bowl other than Pasadena. Due to the west coast instability with that whole Second World War thing, Oregon State defeated Duke 20-16 in 1942. I guess from '43-45 everyone thought it was all cool though, huh? WOOO internment camps!

¿Food and Nightlife?

The one time I was in Durham, the tobacco historical district was actually pretty cool to peruse around in. (Researches on internet for 10 more minutes) Yeah, that's gonna about cover it.

¿Last Minute Ticket Grab?

Pretty sure they will be handing them out at the turnstiles this week.

¿All-Time Record?

Miami leads 8-1, and hasn't lost to Duke since joining the ACC. 2008 was the closest call, when Jacory Harris went on a freshman rampage comeback victory, thus locking us all into three more years of TAINTs.

¿Impact Players?

David Cutcliffe, who was a great hire for Duke, is finally seeing positive results from his coaching acumen. Johnny, what does Duke win? A one way ticket for Cutcliffe to Knoxville! I despise reality television, but I'd watch a day in the life of a Cameron Crazy forced to pitch his tent for a football game ticket. The despair on their face watching other fans walk up to the stadium five minutes before kickoff and get $5 seats would be hilarious. Also, quite similar to Miami games. Perhaps we can collaborate on plot ideas.

¿You Tube Clip of Glory?