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New Miami Football Uniforms for 2013?

Will we be seeing new duds on the gridiron for our Hurricanes next year?

Aldarius! Get back here, you're not eligible!
Aldarius! Get back here, you're not eligible!

Any Hurricane fan should know by now how the team changes their duds once every recruiting class generation. Sometimes the changes are subtle (early to mid 1990's), other times the changes are drastic (2000). We have been waiting for new uniforms for a couple years, and with Golden coming on, we figured (hoped) we could get back to the more classic look of the 1980's. Then this news tidbit dropped:

And the entire Hurricane Nation got all excited drunk on Zacapa Rum (ok fine, just me). In that quick hitter article is the following quote, which makes sense given Golden's roots embedded in tradition above all else.

Coach Golden has insisted that the design not change. Despite others around the program wanting to update the uniform design and help bring more money into the ath dept by having new jerseys...alternate jerseys etc....Coach Golden believes the uniform should not be messed with ala traditional programs like Penn State and Alabama.

But the man who knows all, Associate AD Chris Freet, squashed any misnomers about any potential new jerseys.

So there you have it Miami fans. New, aerodynamic, Dry-Fit, offensive lineman complaining they look fat uniforms for next year, but yes, we will still have the chest and deltoid backpacks for at least one more season. Sigh.