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¿Quien Eres Tu? ¡N.C. State!

The Wolfpack (sans Carlos) are coming to Miami on Saturday, as the Hurricanes look to go 3-0 in the ACC for the first time since 2004

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Eschewing the traditional preview, we here at the 7th Floor are bringing you all the (mostly meaningless) things one needs to know prior to this week's match-up. The only rule? No game predictions. Today is the North Carolina State (nWo) Wolfpack. Too Sweeeeeet!

Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Erik Bischoff stroll into Miami Gardens this weekend, and unless Hulkamania can stop them, we're all in trouble. Here comes Hulk - leg drop them bitches! Hulk, what are you doing?? Don't do that! Hollywood Hogan.....NOOOOO!

Sorry, reliving some great Wolfpack wrestling memories.


North Carolina State Wolfpack

2012: 3-1 (0-0 in ACC)

Last year: did not play - NC State won 38-28 in 2008

These two programs are on opposite sides of the Atlantic when it comes to conference play. Or is it Coastal? Who knows. Point is, they play each other for one home and home series about twice a decade. Because of this, there aren't many trends or familiarities for us fans to go on when trying to determine the outcome of this game. But as long as the coaches have it under control...

... we're good. Golden knows TOB. Game ova!

North Carolina State comes in with the same record as the Canes, but against a much easier slate of competition. The Wolfpack's only game against a real opponent was a loss in Week 1 vs Tennessee, by a score of 35-21. QB Mike Glennon threw 4 picks (albeit one on the final play of the game), as NC State went down early and couldn't get up off the mat. This against the same Tennessee team that has gone on to accomplish nothing of note so far this year. Strength of schedule can be overrated, especially when predicting future results based on inter-conference games, but it shouldn't be discounted altogether.


Raleigh, North Carolina

The capital of North Carolina and the unofficial capital of the Research Triangle, Raleigh is full of the craziest, unheard of combination imaginable: hipster NASCAR fans. It's actually really nice there, and for added benefit you can hit up Duke or UNC on the same trip, as they're both within 30 miles.


12:01 PM EDT


Miami was bumped up this week to semi-national coverage, as long as you pay extra for your sports tier package. At least next week is on prime time NBC, like the good ole Miami Vice days.


Red and White. I appreciate that they haven't added black, gray, or some other unaffiliated color just for merchandise sales. This is a good spot to mention the former nicknames for NC State, which almost always has some fun history. The Aggies (who wasn't?), the Techs, the Farmers, and my favorite, the Red Terrors. Like most schools founded during the Industrial Revolution, their current nickname was created by some sap in the stands that a newspaper ran with - a disgruntled fan described the behavior of the some of the football players as being "as unruly as a pack of wolves." We're lucky Miami wasn't named in the mid '80s by a midwestern fan, or we'd be the Miami Homophobic National Title Gangster Thugs.


Sun Life Stadium

Miami Gardens, Florida

I'll be attending the game, my first of back to backs with Notre Dame the following weekend. Die-hard Canes fans - my group needs a tailgate to commandeer. Just look for the guy walking around with a bag of raw chicken and jerk seasoning, both held up over his head. We'll bring plenty of beer as grill payment.

¿Food and Nightlife?

Another home game means another list of great Miami spots. As per the youge, recommendations in the comments are always welcome.

WHISK Gourmet

Full disclosure, not that it matters because this place is insanely delicious, but I know the owner and used to work with him at Tarpon Bend. Shrimp 'n' grits with bacon, BBQ quail, friend green tomatoes - this restaurant has a southern (northern to you Miamians) feel, with the chef earning his chops in Charleston. Only downside is parking sucks, as it's located on the little side street we all used to park for free when going to a movie at Sunset 24. Or maybe that was just me. Closed Sundays so hit this one up early in the weekend.

Deli Lane Cafe

Hungover on Sunday? Need some grease to mop up the couple dozen light beers that weren't sweated out during the noon game? Look no further than Deli Lane for your breakfast sobering up needs.


Man, I hated this place in college. Walk in sober, walk out down a lung from all the smoke. Still, a worthwhile place to hit up when going to the Grove. Some new management jargon is being floated around on Yelp, but we all know they just throw up the UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT sign outside and wipe down the counters once or twice, and voila! Back to the same old situation. Then again, this guy might sway me back:

This is my favorite bar in Miami, and possibly the entire world. If Doc Brown, Ernest Hemingway, and Ray Lewis wanted to open a bar together, I'm quite sure it would look something like this.

One point twenty one gigawatts of stabbing marlin fishing pleasure, only at Barracuda!

¿Last Minute Ticket Grab?

The university is running a great deal all week to entice sales, $9 tickets if purchased before 9am at the Bank United Center. The upper end zone no alcohol (that's no fun, what is this, the rest of the ACC) section is only $14. On the Hurricanes sideline you can sit a mere 17 rows up for $75.

¿Returning Starters?

Offense - 7

Defense - 8

Specialists - 2

Mike Glennon is the well known commodity here, and rightfully so. He's a legit NFL prospect, behind only Philip Rivers in many program passing records. An emerging stud is RS Junior WR Quintin Payton. He is sixth in the ACC with 84.5 receiving yards per game, after only making 11 catches total his first two seasons. His 6'4'' height could prove problematic for Miami's undersized corners.

On the defensive side Field CB David Amerson was an AP All-American last year, and is 6'3'' 194 lbs, a NFL GM wet dream. He had 13 interceptions last year (WUT), and returned two of them for touchdowns. Throw to someone else, okay Stephen?

¿All-Time Record?

Miami leads this series 7-5-1. NC State won both games the last time these two squared off for a series, in 2007-08.

¿You Tube Clip of Glory?

It won't get better than this all year. Lets set the scene: it's 2002, NC State is 9-0 with the Philip Rivers smugness at full tilt. They want to do something special to promote that week's game vs Georgia Tech, yet reference topical pop culture. What you get is Chuck Amato, with his reflective lens Oakleys, driving down the highway in a Sopranos intro homage. It's GLORIOUS.

The Wolfpack lost in an upset. Call it the Big Pussy curse. Bada Bing!