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Mario Cristobal reportedly in talks to be hired by Miami, to coach football, doing something with receivers

Mario Cristobal is rumored to be in talks with Miami as the Associate Head Coach, Recruiting Coordinator, and for tax purposes, WR coach

We said TWO Hot N Ready pizzas dammit!
We said TWO Hot N Ready pizzas dammit!
J. Meric

All you Hurricanes fans better get your hand towels ready, because the wet dreams you've been having since FIU unceremoniously dumped Mario Cristobal last month are about to burst into another failed attempt at procreation:

The pessimist will say this is undoubtedly a step down in Cristobal's career, why would he take this demotion, why not just wait out a year on Greg Schiano's staff up in Tampa, at least until next year's go round of college football rolling heads? Well for one, I wouldn't necessarily call this a demotion. FIU is in the FBS, but barely. Sure, Rutgers or Pittsburgh last year would've been great, but unfortunately those ships have sailed. The guy's already got HC on his resume. Why not take a few years collecting that paycheck while the boss is too worried about the recline of his vacation home movie theater seats, or doing advanced metrics on fumbles caused during the Victory formation?

The optimist says why not? If you're Miami, why not bring in a guy who has incredible South Florida ties, especially in recruiting? Who knows exactly what it takes to win at a small private school with little to no mass fan support? Even if Cristobal was only here for the presumed one season, he is going to help Golden completely lock down Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. Next year's class will go a long way into filling holes for the depth issues in 2015 and beyond from the upcoming scholarship sanctions. And Cristobal, what does he have to lose? Jedd Fisch is probably gone after 2013 as his star continues to rise. If there are no great jobs open, why not stroll into that vacant OC position? Miami definitely isn't the SEC, not even some (or most) ACC schools in terms of desired jobs, but isn't being a coordinator in Coral Gables better than a lot of gigs across the country? Lets hope Mario thinks so.