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Holiday Gift Alert: Miami Hurricanes IQ: the Ultimate Test of True Fandom

If you're looking to get your Canes' family/friends something that will entertain/educate them on the U, check out the Miami Hurricanes entry recently entered into the popular history/trivia "IQ" series by Black Mesa Publishing.

Matthew Zipay
Think you know a thing or two about Miami Hurricanes football? Think again. Maybe you can name the school's only Butkus award winner off the top of your head. Perhaps, when you think back to the 1984 Orange Bowl, you recall the name of that UM defender that deflected away the potential national-championship winning pass for Nebraska, preserving the biggest win in school history. Maybe you can name Miami's first-ever televised football game, or its only three-time All-American selection. Heck, maybe you were even there among the throngs of admirers in 1950 at Miami International Airport, as the Canes returned from upsetting one of the Big Ten's big dogs. Miami Hurricanes IQ: the Ultimate Test of True Fandom is more than a history/trivia book -it's a test of Hurricane football history, from the start of the program through the decades of up and down play to a dynasty that any school would be proud of. The questions are a mix of simple to gradually more difficult ones that offer a challenge to both the novice and most ardent Hurricane supporters. If you feel up to finding out the answers to these and many other questions (200 in total), hit up to pre-order the hard copy edition of the book (which will be officially released Friday Nov. 29 and shipped in time for Christmas). Or, just head over to and put in Miami Hurricanes IQ: the Ultimate Test of True Fandom, and the Kindle edition is available immediately. The book will also be available in select local Miami bookstores and is being prepared for compatibility with Nook, Sony, and iTunes. If pre-ordered at, it will be ready to ship by the middle of next week. So come one, come all, Cane fans. Let's see what you've got stored deep inside the recesses of your orange and green hued brains. (And yes, I'm the author, in case you were wondering.)