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Canes Camp Week Two: 8/15, Third Two-A-Days Practice

Thursday's practice was delayed by rain, but the Canes were able to take the field and completed their third two-a-day practice.

Michael Seay - State of The U

Thursday morning, there was rain showers and even called for a lightning warning to go off at Canes practice. The rain forced media to be moved inside the Schwartz center, but despite the rain and a ton of construction noise that even made Al Golden say "If you're looking for Al-Qaeda, I think we found them", we got some quotes from practice and some updates on some of the injured guys.

  • We got a chance to talk to Olsen Pierre and we asked him about which of the new guys has stood out to him so far these first two practices and he replied, "Gilbert from Wisconsin. He's fast, strong and very physical." He also talked about how the additions make the old guys work harder, "I know the coaches did it to improve our team, but we have to work harder to keep our spots.'' He [Pierre] also added that all three new guys got a lot of reps with the second team during Wednesday's practice.
  • Duke Johnson always has something good and smart to say. When he was asked if he ever takes a look at the heisman trophy located in the trophy room inside the Schwartz center, he just smiled and said, "Not really. I do look at that national championship trophy by the door, though." I think that's something Canes fans appreciate. Despite the buzz surrounding Johnson, he still keeps his eyes on the crystal ball.
  • Al Golden was asked about what he expects from Friday's scrimmage, "It's time to cut the cord with some of these guys, it's not about screaming from the sidelines anymore .. We'll see who can really play" Golden also added that the team will keep getting better in camp before getting ready for their first game against FAU.
  • Beau Sandland was asked about his high school days and he talked about not being recruited out of high school because his team only won seven games during his tenure there, he called it a "blessing in disguise." He was also asked if he followed college football and he said, "I could tell you all about the pro's, but didn't start focusing on college football until I was being recruited" Sandland also added, "But everyone knew about "The U", even a kid from California who wasn't being recruited."
  • Clive Walford says he can "trust all the guys when I'm not in the game" when referring to the tight ends. He [Walford] also says he has added ten pounds and he believes it will help him with his pass blocking.
With the rain coming down upon us, we weren't able to watch practice at all on Thursday, but here are some updates that were released by UM in the afternoon.

  • Thursday was the Canes' third two-a-days session of CanesCamp.
  • Both Thursday practices were held on the UM intramural fields, while the grounds crew worked on the Greentree Practice Fields.
  • After wearing a red (non-contact) jersey Wednesday, junior WR Rashawn Scott was back in a white offense jersey for Thursday's practice.
  • Sophomore RB Brandon Yosha remains in a red jersey, while Sophomore DB Deon Bush and junior DL David Perry wore yellow (limited contact) jerseys.
  • Thursday's morning session started late after the campus's lightning detection system alarm went off at 7 a.m. Practice eventually started after 8:30 A.M. The Canes wore full pads for the morning practice.
  • More weather delays hampered the start of the afternoon practice session. The Canes went without shoulder pads for the afternoon, practicing for 90 minutes amidst intermittent rain showers.
Friday's scrimmage will be closed to both the public and the media, but we'll relay any injuries (hopefully not) or any other news (hopefully all positives) that we hear from the scrimmage here at SOTU.