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Canes Can Taste Game Day; Talk FAU

The Canes finished off their practice on Tuesday and with one practice remaining before the first game of the season, the players are looking forward to getting to hit other people instead of their teammates.

The Canes took the field on Tuesday morning and finished off their second to last practice before the season officially kicks off on Friday night against FAU. Camp and the preparation for the opener have been successful for the Hurricanes. Only two injuries to the offensive line highlight the camp and despite the four players who have left the other or been dismissed, the remaining guys are geared up and ready to go.

Clive Walford came out and spoke to the media on Tuesday and he's still rocking the dreads, despite saying he was going to shave off his head, but did say that he will eventually do it, but it's a "tough decision" He also mentioned one of the players on FAU that he played against during high school, but he couldn't really remember his name. (This was a trend throughout the practice)

Denzel Perryman also talked about how he had to earn his way back into the starting role, after getting his black jersey removed for a green one half way through camp. He admitted to having relaxed a little bit because he thought his space was a lock, but he also talked about how that was a reminder that you have to keep working to keep him job. When asked who was pushing him for he spot, he responded with "All the guys really". That's encouraging to hear for most fans because it shows the depth at the position. When he was asked if he knew any players from the FAU team, he also responded with "Nobody whatsoever"

Pat O'Donnell talked about the actual work and strategy to punting and how it's not just "kicking the ball". He confirmed that he will be the one kicking off to the opposing team and the strategy of whether to boom it out of the end zone, or just keep it in for a return depends on the returner. Guess what question was next? You guessed it. Pat O'Donnell doesn't know anybody from the FAU team, either.

Coach Golden was believed to come out to the GreenTree practice fields and talk to the media, but he forgot about coming out after seeing some of the guys lifting and went out to watch some FAU tape. After a short wait, Chris Yandle (the hero) got Coach Golden to come out and meet the media in the new media room.

[Al] Golden talked about how he was pleased with Tuesday's practice and how the team is locked in and ready to go. He also talked about the different looks that FAU is going to show them in all phases of the game. He mentioned the Bethune-Cookman and the Kansas State games last season that are similar to what to expect during the FAU and the read option. Coach Golden also confirmed that Gus Edwards is completely cleared to play after his clearinghouse issue and that Deon Bush will be "close" to getting to play in the opener. He mentioned that it isn't about Deon [Bush] being injured, but about picking up the speed of the game again.

That was most of the activity today during Canes practice and as you can see, most guys don't know anybody from the FAU team, so we could quiet down on the "high school rivalries" talk.