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The Tao of Golden - NSD Edition

He has his own code of honor, his own code of ethics, his own rules of living, man. He never tries to impress the recruits, but he always gets his man. After you've eliminated your desire, after you've been excellent in their presence, then you must retreat. Welcome, to the Tao of Golden.

Look at me. Look at me, okay? We have upcoming sanctions. We have no fan base, no home stadium. We've been bad for a decade. Technically, I shouldn't be getting laid with all these recruits, but I do. But do you know why? Because when I'm hanging out with a recruit, that's all I'm doing is hanging out, talking, listening. I'm not sitting there thinking about how to get in bed with them. And this completely confuses them because they're saying "Wait a minute. I'm so much better looking than this guy, this school. I'm on ESPN's Top 150. Will Muschamp just hate texted me at 2am last night about Miami pulling scholarships...isn't Golden attracted to me???"

The basic principle: We pursue that which retreats from us. It's like Jimbo on the Titanic. He kept saying, "More people, more people, follow me!" But I was, like, "No."

Everybody chill the eff out. Golden's got this. Be a Steve, not a Stu.