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Miami Player Profile: Michael Wyche

In an effort to keep even the most hardcore Miami fan up to date on their favorite players, SOTU will be running a Player/Freshman/Newcomer Profile series. In these posts, our writers will profile UM's players/newcomers for 2014. That way, when the season get's here, you hopefully will have a new found love for the team on the field.

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Michael Wyche

DT 6'4 335 Monterey Park, Ca (East LA College)

Is it possible that the most important player on the entire roster outside of QB, is a JUCO transfer who has yet to play a snap at this level?

Over the past two seasons no position on the field has been more highly scrutinized by 'Canes fans then DT.  In Wyche the Hurricanes' staff hope they have the answer to what has been a very soft middle the previous 2 seasons.

So why the optimism?

According to the Palm Beach Post's Matt Porter,  Wyche has ungodly strength and bench 435 pounds and squat 600. That's just superhuman.

Does it translate to on the field production you ask?

In the JUCO ranks he sure appeared to have very good burst and well above average athleticism for a man his size.  And like any good interior defensive lineman, good hands to boot.

Summary: Until UM's defense actually consistently stops opponents week in and week out, all the reports of players feats and abilities can be taken with a grain of salt, Wyche included. But at minimum they are upgrading the talent levels across the board. Wyche looks like Warren Sapp against JUCO players. How it translates against the Louisvilles, Nebraskas, and FSUs of the world remains to be seen. But at least he looks the part!  If Miami's defense makes the leap to respectability or even better, he will have to play the part as well.

Stay tuned for more player profiles as we count down to Louisville on Labor Day.