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Miami Freshman Profile: David Njoku

In an effort to keep even the most hardcore Miami fan up to date on their favorite players, SOTU will be running a Freshman Profile series. In these posts, our writers will profile UM's newcomers for 2014. That way, when the season get's here, you hopefully will have a new found love for the team on the field.

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David Njoku

WR/TE - 6'4 220 - Cedar Grove, NJ

Consensus 3 star prospect who chose UM over Rutgers, Ohio State, and Penn State among others.

Caught 40 passes for 981 yards and scored 20 total TDs (including running quite a few in) his senior season in H.S.   Also starred in track in the high jump (NJ State record holder with 7 feet even) and triple jump. Not to mention, scoring over 1,000 points in his career on the hardwood.

Is simply put, an exceptional athlete (4.5 range in the 40 as well).

Based on his frame, likely puts on some weight and moves to TE where he can be a Shannon Sharpe type down the line (note: comparing in style and not necessarily skill just yet).

Is very natural with the ball in his hands, and displays great balance, power, and a very good stiff arm to boot.

Chances He Redshirts (1-10)   - 9

As part of this series we will evaluate if the given newcomer stands a chance to sit out his first season to retain eligibility.

The 'Canes are pretty deep and experienced at both TE and WR. Njoku has plenty of time to master the play book and finish filling out his already impressive frame. Plus if he ends up at TE, he will need to learn a new position, especially the art of inline blocking.

Summary: This is another example of where the star system may be overrated.  A world class track athlete with the body to be a 6'4 250 pound TE down the line begs for 4 stars to me.  Perhaps he is ranked at 3 because he is an unfinished player?  Either way I like signing this kid.  Lots and lots of potential.   A few years down the line he could be a serious weapon for Miami's offense.

Stay tuned for more Freshman profiles as we count down to Louisville on Labor Day.